1st-week 1

23rd-27th March

Please click on the links below to access worksheets.


Monday: Time

Tuesday: Time

Wednesday: Problem Solving

Thursday: Problem Solving

Friday: online maths games on topmarks


Monday: Reading Comprehension and questions: “Monster Learns Rules”

Tuesday: Spot the Homophones!

Wednesday:Using to, too and too

Thursday: Phonics: -ag/-an/-ap/-at words 

Friday: go on to the story online website and listen to a few picture books being read.


Hi, for Irish I think the best thing that ye can do with your children is to go onto the website Duolingo where ye can learn Irish together and also watch Cúla 4. Here are two questions and answers that you can use during the week with the children.

  • Cén rang ina bhfuil tú?

Tá mé i rang a haon.

  • Cén scoil ina bhfuil tú?

Tá mé i scoil Dún Guairne.

Other activities:

Listen to Audiobooks and read eBooks using the Libraries Ireland BorrowBox App

Libraries Ireland have a large selection of children’s books to listen to/read and now you can access them straight away! Just go to http://librariesireland.ie/join, complete the registration, set a PIN and you’ll be able to log in to Borrowbox with those details to download eBooks and audiobooks.


Writing Club for Children

Sarah Webb (@sarahwebbishere) is committing to running creative writing workshops for children via Twitter. You can check her first ones out here: https://twitter.com/sarahwebbishere/status/1239566777685889024

Picturebook Read Alouds Catalogue by Pernille Rip


Pernille Ripp compiled as many lists as she could find here featuring the creators reading aloud. Perhaps the list will be helpful to you?